This is a collection of sharing of various types of stones. The creation of this site was entrusted with some personal ideas of Lingding Culture CEO @olivia. Some of them have been realized, and others are still on the way:

Since 2009 to the present, Olivia has collected a large number of gem-related products and cultural and creative peripheral designs during her college years. A preliminary calculation shows that as of April 2024, there will be nearly 300 design ideals and nearly 100 cultural and creative products have been successfully incubated. The funds vary, and all are related to industries such as stones, semi-precious stones, and minerals.

These can be regarded as preparations and preliminary investments for building domestic and foreign e-commerce systems, but the reality is often too cruel. I know that personal abilities are limited, and each company has its own long-term business to operate. Lingding Culture is still As a small company, even if it takes another three to five years, it will not be able to complete these things.

Therefore, we plan to make these resources available to customers and partners while using them in our own projects. We hope that more people will join our project and send us a private message if you are interested.

What can we offer?
This can also be regarded as a way of giving back. The cooperation between Lingding Cultural and Creative Company and Le Xiaozhu can provide some new players who like crystals, minerals, and non-metallic materials and try to participate in it:

High-quality gem mineral resources;
Partial start-up capital;
Development and planning assistance;
Product development and joint creation;
Project promotion and publicity;
For some projects such as art factories that have been approved, if you have better ideas, you can also contact us to try to get cooperation opportunities, but try to choose projects that we have not yet started and are yet to be developed.

How to choose projects and products can be found in the guidance article below. You can register a new one yourself, or use the ones we provide here.


Making the best use of things, leaving them unused is a waste. The annual maintenance cost of these projects alone is nearly 50,000, which is also a big expense…

If you are interested in our company’s projects, or some of the projects you are working on can happen to carry out this project, it is best to reach cooperation. If you want to buy this project, you must be mentally prepared. The cost will not be low, because it will definitely not be low. Most of them are collected by individuals who stay up late at night. The cost is quite high, and there is no shortage of money.

If you have good projects or resources related to gems and minerals that you would like this site to sell on your behalf, you can also contact us. We do not charge any commission and can advertise for free. If the price is right and the domain name is of good quality, repurchase will be given priority.

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